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An explanation of the English identity

The simplest view is that an English person is from England and not from any other country. This is partially because inhabitants of England quite commonly refer to themselves as "English" rather than "British"; this has come about because of the history of centuries of English dominance. The English frequently include their neighbouring countries in the general term "British", even though the Scots and Welsh tend to be more forward about referring to themselves by more specific terms.

Modern English identity is often built around its sports, one field in which the British Home Nations often compete individually. In particular the English Association football team, Rugby Union and Cricket team often cause increases in the popularity of `Englishness`.

The English national identity is at the core of the moderate and sensible manifesto of the English Democrats Party. The hooligan view of English identity is only claimed to be a problem by internationalists and partisans of Regionalization. This policy is promoted by Unionist parties and their aim appears to break up England into 9 Regions. Thus, English identity is closely associated with English nationalism.

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