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Symbols and Insignia

The logo of the England National Football Team combines the Three Lions with the Tudor Rose. The two traditional symbols of England are the St George’s Cross (the English Flag) and the Three Lions Coat of Arms (as worn by the English Football Team), both derived from the great Norman powers that formed the monarchy - the cross of Aquitaine and the Lions of Anjou. The Three Lions were believed to have been first used by Richard I (Richard the Lionheart).

A red cross acted as a symbol for many Crusaders during the 12th and 13th centuries, and then became associated with St George and England when he was claimed as a patron saint and his cross was used as a banner. In the 17th century the Union Jack (more properly known as the Union Flag, except when used at sea) was adopted for all purposes to unite the whole of Great Britain under a common flag.

The rose is widely recognized as the national flower of England and is used in a variety of contexts. Predominantly, this is usually a red rose (which also symbolizes Lancashire), which is used as the badge of the English Rugby Union. The white rose (which symbolizes Yorkshire) or a ‘Tudor Rose’ (symbolizing the end of the war of the roses) is also used on certain occasions.

The Three Lions badge performs a similar role for the England Football and Cricket Teams.

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